Campanula leblebiciiHYIzmir4

A new Campanula from İzmir province

A new to Science Campanula leblebicii has been discovered by Assoc. Prof. Hasan Yıldırım in Kemalpaşa region and the related article has been recently published in Phytotaxa. The plant has very short stems and is a chasmophyte. Congrats Mr. Yıldırım.

Written by Riyat Gül
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Hype bilgehan bilgilii

A new Hypericum from Isparta province

A new to science species, Hypericum bilgehan-bilgilii has been found and published by Isa Basköse & Ahmet Savran in Phytotaxa. We congratulate the authors.

Written by Riyat Gül
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Echinops pannosusCemVuralMersin1

Rediscovery: Echinops pannosus

Echinops pannosus, which has known only from one collection in 1936 (in monte Tauro, aestate 1836, Kotschy 282) has already been collected again by Prof. Cem Vural, Erciyes University, from Cehennem deresi, Mersin. It has been stated that the species grows in clearings of Cedrus and Juniperus forests in 2000m. Congratulations Prof. Vural.

Written by Riyat Gül
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